Big or Small... We Do It All!

Crawdad's! of Houston specializes in Authentic Onsite Houston Crawfish Boil and Cajun Catering complete with tasty Louisiana Boiled Crawfish with all the fixin's plus a heaping helping of good 'ol Zydeco music to get your crowd going! Whether you have a party of 50 or a crowd of 3,000, Crawdad's! will make your event one that everyone will remember.

Your party doesn't stop with good food. Crawdad's! brings the whole party to you. We provide you with an All-Inclusive, Themed Catering Package complete with: Good Food, Zydeco Music, Prize Giveaways, Party Favors, Trash Handling and More!

Crawdad's! of Houston helps you plan everything from beginning to end so you have a smooth, successful, memorable event that makes a lasting impression on everyone in attendance for a long time to come. We handle everything from beginning to end to make your special event one that you get to take all the credit for.

Our turn-key, all-inclusive catering allows you to look forward to your event with the peace of mind that all the details have been taken care of. And when the big day comes, you get to have fun and enjoy your party and your guests while we take care of all the dirty work. We help you setup, feed and serve everyone, take care of all the food and drinks, clean up, entertain, and even take out the trash!

Relax... We do ALL the work!

Great Food. Great Service.

Crawdad's! Staff

We provide a team of 'Fun Experts' for your event. Our professional, uniformed staff members make your event one to remember. They are experts at making sure all of your guests have FUN interacting with our Games, dancing to Zydeco Music, and winning our Prize Giveaways!

Service With a Smile!

We know how important Great Service is to you and your guests. That's why at Crawdad's!, we have the highest standards of service. That guarantees Good Food & Fun for you and every one of your guests.

Our Story:

It All Started Way Back When....

Ever since they were little kids growing up in the back woods of South East Texas not far from the small nostalgic town of Navasota, Marc and Ben were fascinated with the crustaceans that they're now renown for all across Texas. At the early age of 4 and 6 they were knee-deep in ponds and creeks "crawfish hunting." It was a sport they grew fond of. Before long they realized that these critters were not only good bass, catfish, and gasper-gou bait, but made for a good meal at the dinner table, too. Risking run-ins with water moccasins and alligator snapping turtles, they reached elbow-deep down into the muddy crawfish burrows to pull out those big granddaddy crawfish. They would sneak away with Mom's good kitchen colander to collect the mudbugs and come home with a nice sized catch to show off. It wasn't long before Dad said: "Boys, y'all boil them crawfish up so we can eat 'em!"

The rest is history. As a young adult, Marc had a seasonal stay-over in Louisiana with a family friend that runs the state's most well known crawfish eatery. While helping out with the daily frenzy of crawfish-crazed customers, Marc soon learned the closely guarded family recipe passed down from the crawfish experts in Lafayette. It wasn't too long before this crawdad catching country boy turned into a crawfish cooking culinarian- a genuine guru in the tedious preparation, seasoning, and cooking of the classic recipe from Lafayette loved by all of the natives.

Not long after, he brought these techniques and tradition to a new home in Texas where he teamed up with his food savvy brother and childhood crawfish catching partner. They decided then-and-there that every Texan deserves a taste of Louisiana. With that, they launched Crawdad's! in Dallas and Houston. Their specialty? On-Site Cajun Crawfish Boil & Cajun Catering.

Both brothers stay busy during the crawfish season catering in their respective markets. In Dallas, Marc boils up his Cajun crawfish delicacy with the top-secret 'Lafayette' recipe that can't be found anywhere in Texas. In Houston, Ben, a culinary cook-pot perfectionist, boils up the 'New Orleans' recipe- a traditional style and taste with a few extra measures to make sure he stays well above the ordinary-tasting crawfish to be had from the local boilers. But regardless of which city you happen to reside, you're in for a special treat.

In Texas, Crawdad's! is renown for professional, timely service and the best tasting crawfish in the state. Check out Crawdad's of Dallas or Crawdad's! of Houston and taste for yourself why they have "the best crawfish this side of the Mississippi."