Planning Your Event? Start By Doing the Following:

1. Download the Package Options, Review the Pricing, and Choose a Package HERE
2. Check our 5-Star Reviews & Testimonials HERE
3. Be Sure To Watch our Video HERE
4. Review our FAQ's! We Will Answer Most of Your Questions HERE

Part of a planning committee?
Our menus were created to make you look like the HERO. Just print out the menu of your choice,
2-sided and in color for each of your committee members, and you've got the perfect planning
pack for your next committee meeting!

Ready To Book Your Event? Follow These Steps Before Calling...

1. Review the Pricing & Packages. Use the menu pricing to determine the cost of your event. If you
are price shopping or getting multiple quotes use the price on the menu page as your quote, as
we do not participate in price bidding.

2. Decide on a Date & Location. If you don’t have an exact Date and Location we cannot help you.
Call us after you’ve decided on your date and location and you are ready to pay your deposit.

3. Decide on a Specific Package. In order for us to assist with booking your event you must decide on
a package. If you don’t choose a specific package before calling, we cannot help you.

4. Call Us to Pay Your Deposit and Lock In Your Date. When you call we will get the details of your event
and email you a Catering Agreement so you can pay your 50% deposit and secure your date. You'll have
a short deadline to send back the completed Agreement, so make sure you're ready to book your event
before calling
. Once your deposit is processed, your date is locked in. It's that easy!

5. If You Have Questions, Please Read the FAQ's Before Calling then call to book your event. If you still have
questions and you're not ready to book your event, please email your questions to: houston @
and we will respond to your email quickly.

   If You're Ready To BOOK YOUR EVENT Call Us Now at (713) 283-2401

PLEASE NOTE: If you need any of the services listed below before a deposit is paid, a $500 non-refundable
retainer will be required (retainer is credited towards your balance when you book your event):

• quotes (use our pricing page to estimate the cost of your event)
• multiple changes to your catering agreement before a deposit is paid
• consulting and assistance with planning your event
• venue suggestions or assistance
• certificate of insurance

We are happy to assist with these after your catering deposit or retainer has been paid. This
allows us to spend time helping those that have committed to moving forward with their event.